This is my 5th go at trying to see how this looks on screen; I’m still trying to formulate my Bio without coming across corny. To be perfectly honest – I couldn’t think of anything worse than attempting to blog for a living, but hey ho, I’ve been forced to do it, so here goes…

I imagined that I would be sitting for ages staring at a blank screen, and I was right – It’s taken me seven days to get this bit of blurb together.

With 200+ self-help books about brain rewiring, time management, mind-setting, goal setting, quench diets, Meditation techniques, Yoga, Reiki, Feng Shui, you name it…I’ve concluded that Einstein was right and I had to be insane.

I happen to have acquired what first surfaced as a little habit but has snowballed into a much bigger one, over 500 times bigger! it has got me to the exact same place that I always was – Nowhere!

Its called Perpetual Purchasing, Shopaholic-ism, or Brain Scammed-itus.

So confused with my behavior, I did actually go for a Brain scan just to be sure. The results are in, and to be honest, I didn’t expect it so positive – extremely surprising there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, in fact, I have an amazingly healthy brain for my age!

To actually quote Einstein – insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

He described my behavior perfectly. It cannot happen, so – Now, no more excusitis for me!

So how did all this come about? –

I wasn’t particularly academic and never really liked school; I couldn’t count till I was 6 and forget about learning to tell the time. At 13, I begged the local fruit shop or the hairdressers to give me a Saturday job – I got both.

My real working life started in my mid-teens, washing the hair of rich and famous ladies at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in Bond Street, London. I didn’t have to count there, and I even garnered a piece of Princess Anne’s wedding cake (her 1st wedding) packaged in a little silk box (probably instead of a monetary tip, Oh those Royals).

After a short stint at the Scotch House in Knightsbridge, London, being entrusted with my own mini department taking care of the newly introduced VAT paperwork for overseas buyers, shortly before my 20th birthday – I swapped the UK to serve coffee, tea, and No me as a trolley dolly, flying bedouins with faux fur covered radios and Sheiks who liked to move and shake (not only but also) around the desert in Saudi Arabia.

7 years later no less – I married one. Needless to say, it didn’t last.

Well, there is a lot more that has happened since then but that can wait for another time.

If you have made it this far, you will surely be curious to know just how I can make your marketing life simpler, what tips and tricks you can learn, and most of all how to make your bank balance a little fuller rather than emptier? A journey to success in other words.

Let me tell you a couple of things…..right of the bat,

I have been trying to make this online thing work since 2015, or at least so I thought – but now after checking (just to be sure if you demand to see if I’m telling the truth) I see it was actually 2012!

Where on earth did those 8years or 64 months or 2,848 days,? Hours – I won’t even think about that one! Time wasn’t waiting for me to become successful, obviously.

Ive bought product after product, after product, after product (some even twice by mistake!) some great, some good, some not so good, and some just not fit for purpose, or even worse, worthy of my time (time as we know, waits for no-one and is the only thing you can never get back – precious beyond anything).

So I know you are going to ask – what the heck have you bought?

Here goes…..

From the 8$ trashy stuff push-button “autopilot” $200.00 a minute solutions to a current as I write this “so-called” VIP course for $10K (the most disappointing to date, not because of the price but what was delivered for the price), two ends of the spectrum and everything in-between. 8 bucks you can forgive, 10K needs a bit of meditation to come to terms with the disappointment.

I’ve looked at my product lists – I have well over 500 things, all of which have a learning curve, I’ve worked out If I spend a week learning about each product – then we can catch up again sometime in 2032!

Please believe me when I tell you – push-button success just does not exist whatever some “well-meaning” or truth-bending guru tries to tell you – they know what you want to hear and you will hang on those smooth words of endearment like a bee to the honey.

Now I say that with a bit of tongue in cheek because not all gurus truth bend. Once you have a foundation in place – then a lot of products will make more sense and will be time saving and useful. But the fundamentals must be in place first – you cant build a home on sand; you MUST put proper foundations into place. Now believe it or not – I was on the last leg of THE disappointingly boring 10K course when yet another marketer aggressively promised me success (see, I just can’t stop my addiction) – the difference this time, though, was that I had bought his products (they do, do what it says on the tin and they do belong in the Great category, perhaps I could give him an Uber Great title even?) I was already familiar with the fellow he swore on his heart who was responsible for his success; in addition – other testimonials on the page were from people I had bought products from. So becoming a little bit convinced by this stage, knowing if they had been through his course, there could be hope for me yet, and at the very least, I should take a peek at what was under the hood. So I looked, and dithered here and there, should I, shouldn’t I? Can I financially or cant I? The clock was running down to 0 – but I had to sleep on it – and then can you believe I missed it by minutes! Really disappointed – I messaged the guy and managed to twist his arm a bit and jumped straight into the deep end.

I’ve managed 9 days on the trot each and every day and slowly, things are materializing into a proper blog, baby steps to success. I have 51 days to go from here forwards. I am really chuffed what I have managed so far and am convinced that I have finally found the right path.

This is definitely the only way to go, please hang on in here with me and my journey and if I have made you even a teeny weeny bit curious as to what exactly has prompted me to take action – take a look here and be sure to have a notepad handy – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Till the next post. Amanda Richter